Frequently asked questions

How many days before the delivery date should I order concrete?
Normally you need to order at least two days before the delivery date. This also depends on the quantity you want and the number of people who ordered before you. If you need a large quantity, it is advisable to order at least three days in advance. For deliveries on Saturday, you need to order the Monday before.
What is the difference between 20/25 and 16/20?
These numbers indicate the strength and proportion of the cement used in the concrete mix. This depends on your needs, e.g., you need to have 20/25 for the base of a house, which needs to have enough strength to carry the walls and support all bricks on it. It is always better to take the advice of a professional architect on what type of concrete mix you order.
What length is the boom of the pump truck?
We have three pump trucks. One is 36 meters long and the other is 38 meters.
What is the price of each strength of concrete mix?
For the actual prices, you can check the price list on our website.
What is basalt?
Basalt is a black stone that we use in our concrete mix. It has a higher L.A. value and gives the same or even better results when compared to the traditional white limestone.
If I pay for a certain amount of concrete and I use less, will I get my money back?
Of course, we reimburse any payment in excess of the amount of concrete you have used.
If I ordered and paid for a certain amount of concrete and I need more, how soon can I get this?
We will send the additional concrete with an invoice and you will pay the driver. Alternatively, you can come to our office to pay for the extra concrete and you will receive your extra amount in time.
What is concrete?
Concrete is a material made primarily from cement, aggregates (rock and sand) and water. Concrete dates back more than 5,000 years.
What is ready-mix concrete?
Ready-mix concrete is an unhardened, fluid form of concrete. It is delivered in a special concrete truck that is constantly shaking and mixing the concrete on the way to its destination.
How do you measure the concrete?
Concrete is measured in cubic yards (3’x3’x3’).