About Heavy Mix Concrete

Since 2009, we’ve produced concrete, sand & aggregates and basalt. We are also the ready-mix concrete company and well known for our concrete building blocks and pavers. For this, we work with our fully automated HESS 1500 blocking machine and state-of-the-art technology.

Our fleet consists of eight concrete mixer trucks and three concrete pump trucks. Thus, we can provide a quick service to all our customers. No job is too tough for us.

Our complete solutions cater to the needs of our customers and we offer custom-made products that match the measures and specifications of each and every project.

Our professional quality-control staff includes a plant quality control manager, who ensures our quality standards are met. We look after our customers in every way possible.


Heavy Mix Concrete Curaçao is always on the move. We are constantly working on developing better products and services through innovation. We are eager to fulfill the evolving needs and expectations of our customers.

One of the innovations is our new concrete mix with basalt aggregates. The result is a very strong and robust product, still available at a reasonable price.

Mission and Vision


Heavy Mix Concrete Curaçao strives to continuously use raw materials of high quality to get the best concrete products. Our aim is to meet all the customer’s needs and build a long-term relationship with them.


We want to be the preferred concrete company in Curaçao. That means delivering products of high quality at a reasonable price.

Heavy Mix Concrete Curaçao is a 100 percent local company, with its roots in Curaçao’s community, culture and unique circumstances. This gives us a strong stepping stone for progress and future possibilities, both for our company and our customers.

Producing high-quality concrete products means having specific knowledge of the local conditions in which our products are used. Specifically, in Curaçao, which has an aggressive sea climate, constant blazing sun and other local circumstances that demand a strong concrete that endures all these factors.

We fully understand these local conditions and we therefore produce concrete products that perfectly match the unique needs of Curaçao. Thanks to our local knowledge, the results for our customers are better. For example, our in-place concrete has a high strength.

The real source of our strength, however, is our happy staff. Heavy Mix Concrete Curaçao takes pride in having staff members with the right attitude, technical knowledge and expertise. Each staff member will go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. They excel at performing to our customers’ high standards and making all-round progress possible.


Sustainability is not just an en vogue word for us; it is a deeply rooted philosophy in our company culture and work. In all our operations, we work with nature in mind. Heavy Mix Concrete Curaçao is always seeking harmony with the environment.

We have our own recycling facilities and use recycled materials. We follow others in their sustainable practices and have adopted best practices to recycle all the concrete that is not used.

Thanks to these strategies, we mitigate the environmental impact of all our processes and construction activities. We aim to implement and improve our operational practices in response to the growing environmental challenges. A low CO₂ impact of our concrete mix is one of the results of our efforts.

These sustainable practices and conservation efforts are very significant for island nations like Curaçao. They are in the front line when it comes to sustainability and are therefore very vulnerable.

By using our products or services, you not only raise buildings or structures, but also contribute to the sustainability of our lovely Curaçao. Thus, you are creating a secure future for our children and children’s children.

Let's build a great foundation